About Us

Who We Are

Healthy Harvest Community Farms is a 501c-3 nonprofit community garden project that has sponsorship opportunities to benefit our community and the less fortunate with healthy alternatives. With your sponsorship the harvest is donated in the business or individual sponsors name throughout the year to local community food bank organizations. With the help of the community and local organizations we can continue to educate our youth of today about proper nutrition, as well as teach and help families and organizations to grow a garden of their own.
Our garden design includes a beautiful setting in which community organizations, groups and individuals can visit, to become educated and experience a peaceful and tranquil atmosphere. Whether touring with the family or just sitting by a fountain and taking in the serenity with a good book. All will find their own special memory to take home while knowing they are doing so much for our community.

Who We Are Now

This initiative is being modeled and implemented in Southwest, FL. Community members, schools, churches and organizations are passionate about supporting and advancing commerce, culture, and the sense of community. We actively work toward these goals through specific community programs, economic development, support of local art and culture, and general community engagement. This environment creates the perfect conditions for the incubation of the Urban Farming Initiative and the creation of living classrooms that will serve both the local community as well as other communities seeking to replicate the model.

Sustainable By Design

Permaculture (permanent agriculture) is the conscious design and maintenance of agriculturally productive ecosystems which have the diversity, stability and resilience of natural ecosystems. Urban Gardening has spread across the globe and there are now millions of people practicing and teaching Urban Gardening principles and design. The idea behind permaculture in urban areas is to replicate or mimic the natural systems and environments, while using modern techniques of horticulture, architecture and agriculture to enhance and yield edible food supplies. We consciously design landscapes which mimic the patterns and relationships found in nature, while yielding an abundance of food, fiber and energy for provision of local needs. Permaculture can be thought of as the use of our systems and design principles which provide the framework for implementing the above vision.

Gardens For Many Purposes

Our gardens are available to schools, organizations and teaching kitchens alike with hands-on nutrition education. We know that communities currently struggle with obesity, high blood pressure and diabetes derived from the severed relationship with our food system. Very few people today understand where their food is coming from or what is in it. Most Americans consume a diet of processed and preserved food that has been manufactured all over the world. Our goal at Healthy Harvest Community Farms is to reintroduce to our communities the notion of homegrown food; what it looks like, how it is grown, and how to incorporate it into their diet in order to live healthier lives.
Finally, it is our goal to use the produce grown within our farms to supply the needs of local businesses and restaurants therefore providing direct income from the project for future sustainability. Food that is grown locally and consumed soon after harvest is higher in nutritional value than anything that can be purchased in stores. By using produce grown just blocks away, local restaurants will be able to offer food and products that have increased nutritional and add local economic value. They will also see a direct benefit by marketing that it is locally grown and produced which will not only add value but will help bolster the local economy and help grow a healthier community.