Mo-Joe Juice

Juiced Organic Extracts
What are J.O.E. Juices?  it stands for J.uiced O.rganic E.xtracts

Each juice has its own unique and distinct characteristics for maximum potency and performance.

The First in the line of J.O.E. Juices is juice.

Mo-Joe juice is my own blend of Kale; Tomatoes; Carrots; Celery; Broccoli; Flax Seed; Lemons; Wheat Grass; Apples; and Cucumbers.  Then if that wasn't packed enough with Nutrients and Minerals I add a healthy dose of GenEssentilas Organic Greens, ACAI 100 From Brazil and finally finish it off with Plenty of Chia Seeds. ( Check out below for the nutritional benefits )

The Moe-Joe Juice definitely lives up to it's name. I was approached by Joe to give it a try for one week and see if I felt the effects. Did I ever. I drank two bottles a day and had no problems doing it. Each time hunger set in, I drank my instructed amount and felt satisfied. The taste was different at first but it is easily something you get used to especially knowing you are drinking something so healthy and good for you! I am a person who struggles with my fruit and vegetable intake so the fact that it is all "in there" is great. As for the results it happened quick. I dropped 3.2 pounds after the first day of drinking. It would level off for the next four days but my weeks end total was significant. I lost a total of 7.8 pounds in five days. Besides the weight loss, the best part of it was the energy and the lack of fatigue. I am a morning anchor so as you can imagine I tire easily and the "Moe Joe" gave me exactly what I needed. For me personally, I chose the two bottle a day schedule for 5 days to give me a good start. I plan on drinking a bottle a day within my new healthy diet. There's no more questioning my daily nutrient intake with the "Moe Joe." It's all "in there". Thanks Joe