We Teach People To Fish

We Teach People To Fish...


The old scenario, “Do you feed a person for the day or do you teach them to fish so they can eat forever?” …we teach people how to fish. Well, let's be clear... we teach them how to grow food.

Ed and Jorge in the GardenFrom the very start, beginning with a seed... we teach them to plant that seed, nurture that seed, care for the plant that springs up from that seed, harvest the fruit of that seed and, finally, how to prepare that harvest for a healthy meal.

Old fashioned, yet a very new thing in today's society. It's not FAST FOOD.

For $50 a year, a family can have their own box... to grow food for their family. We will teach you, guide you... all we ask is that you PAY IT FORWARD and donate some of your food to someone less fortunate than you.

We work with schools, government agencies, soup kitchens and so many other organizations with the same mindset. We are determined to teach the value of growing healthy food and eating healthy food.

If you are looking for a good cause to support, I encourage you to dig deep into THIS cause. Americans helping Americans... teaching, mentoring, learning, growing, sharing... this is MY farm, this is MY cause. Make it YOUR farm, make it YOUR cause.

If you would like to join us in building a healthier community, we welcome you with open arms. Let's dig in, get our fingers dirty and enjoy playing in the sun!

Ed Moore
Passionate Volunteer


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When you volunteer with us, you will need to download these forms, fill them out and return them prior to your start date.

We appreciate your time and service!



We are looking for a few good sponsors. With our courage and passion behind us, and new resources at our command, we will stop at nothing less than being the best in our 'field'.

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